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Welcome, readers! 
¡Bienvenidos lectores!

Matt de la Peña
Todd Parr
Sherri Rinker
Tammi Sauer
Ethan Long
Lisa Mantchev
Matt & Loren
The Bookworm Festival is a bilingual book festival. Join us for a fun morning that celebrates emerging readers, and those who create books for them!
El Bookworm Festival es un evento bilingüe de libros. ¡Acompáñanos esa mañana a celebrar a los lectores y a quienes crean libros para ellos!

Educator Resources/ Recursos para maestros

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Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm for our Bookworm Festival!  Interest was so great that we have reached capacity on our event space and can no longer accept new registrations. Keep an eye on the Eventbrite page as we have asked people to cancel their registration if they cannot attend.


We appreciate your understanding and support of the festival!

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