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Educator Resources

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Educators Bringing a Bus: 

Educators bringing a bus with children and adults: Please make sure that you have registered for "Bus tickets" on our Eventbrite site HERE  or by going to


You do not need to select tickets based on type/age of attendee, but you will need a Bus Ticket for each person riding with you on the bus.

Example: if you have 25 students, 5 adult chaperones, and 2 educators on the bus, you would choose 32 Bus Tickets.

Purchasing Books:


We are very excited to connect emerging readers and the artists and authors who create books for them at the Bookworm Festival!

Attached you will find the list of books we have for sale in conjunction with the festival. 

Prices listed are the cover price. Books purchased by educators for their campuses will see a 15% discount and no tax. Books purchased for an educator's personal collection will see a 15% discount.

Students and their families can purchase these books at the popup bookstore at the festival.

If you would like to purchase books for yourself or for your campus, please send a list of books to and enter "Bookworm Purchase" in the subject line. In the body of the email, indicate whether or not this is a purchase for your campus or for your personal collection.

Thanks for your support of Bookworm - we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Bus Grants:

Please use this application to apply for bus grants. Bus grant recipients will receive $100 to use toward the cost of bringing students to the festival. 

Application have closed for this year. Congrats to all of grant winners. Be sure to pick up your check on Feb. 3rd.

Please note:
  • The application deadline is Wednesday, December 13th.

  • Bus grant recipients will be notified by Friday, December 15th.

  • Registration details will be provided to bus grant recipients in the new year.

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